Hi! I’m Amber Karnes.

You found my new website. I’m still building it. But here’s the latest stuff I am up to:

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Photo of Amber Karnes, a 42 year old white woman with tattoos and brown wavy hair. She is smiling into the camera.

About Me

Hey, I’m Amber (she/her). I’m a community builder, educator, and artist.

I am a curious person and a connector; over the past 25 years I have built communities and thrown events around yoga, art, craft, graphic design, food justice, the hardcore punk music scene, bikelife, entrepreneurship, and more.

I am passionate about sharing skills, making keys (or whatever the opposite of gatekeeping is), and helping folks build confidence and realize their own agency! The past 14 years I’ve been building community (and a business) in the yoga industry. I am the founder of Body Positive Yoga, which is both a teaching method and a community built around body liberation and accessibility. It was also an events-based business built around education and peer mentorship at the intersection of yoga and body image. I am also the co-creator of successful projects like the Accessible Yoga School and Yoga For All Online Training.

Currently Pivoting…

The pandemic completely pivoted my work, but a through-line remains. I’ve been building community and teaching since I was a teenager (I’m 42 now)! 

I’ve been spending the last 4 years supporting other solo business owners through business coaching and marketing strategy. I’m also rolling out some new work which includes a surfing retreat for complete beginners, an online membership community called the Double Dog Dare Club, a marketing game show, and a few more fun things too.

Photo of Amber Karnes, a 42 year old white woman with tattoos and brown wavy hair. She is smiling into the camera.

Currently I’m building community and learning from the youth of Baltimore’s bikelife scene. I have been riding with the “wheelie boys” since late 2020 when I started taking video clips and making instagram reels of our rideouts together. Through those experiences I ended up creating a youth-driven sticker business where I make custom decals for bikes. In the process of making a graphics kit, we learn about art, design, craft skills, and self expression, it’s pretty cool!

How I Teach & Facilitate

As a teacher and leader, I like to share from my own experiences. I don’t teach stuff that I haven’t done myself (and failed at many times LOL). As a teacher, I know there is a wealth of knowledge and lived experience in every room full of students. I believe lived experience beats fancy credentials pretty much every time. Peer mentorship and curiosity are at the center of how I work.

I am especially good at keeping folks in a grounded yet positive place through the messy, uncomfortable process of being a beginner at stuff. It’s hard to be bad at stuff as an adult, but learning in community provides a supportive place where we can remember that failure only applies if we quit. Otherwise, it’s part of getting better at something, and doing that together as a community is powerful.

Community is a mirror that shows you the person you can be and are becoming, even before you get there.